Monday, May 13, 2013

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer...

Series: Elementals (Book #1)
Published: April 24th 2012 by Kensington
Pages: 353
Date Finished: May 11th, 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Age Recommendation: -


Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys; all the ones she doesn't want. Ever since her ex-boyfriend spread those lies about her. Then she saves Chris Merrick from a beating in the school parking lot. Chris is different. Way different: he can control water just like his brothers can control fire, wind, and earth. They're powerful. Dangerous. Marked for death.

And now that she knows the truth, so is Becca.

Secrets are hard to keep when your life's at stake. When Hunter, the mysterious new kid around school, turns up with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time, Becca thinks she can trust him. But then Hunter goes head-to-head with Chris, and Becca wonders who's hiding the most dangerous truth of all.

The storm is coming.


I had pretty high expectations going into this book going off my friends recommendations as well as all of the rave reviews this series has gotten on Goodreads. But even with all that I was still wary as to if I would like it, because I have been finding lately that I haven't been able to finish a YA fantasy book, but I decided to pick this one up anyway and give it a go and I absolutely loved it.

The plot. I really enjoyed the plot of this book, I thought that it was a little bit slow to start but once the storyline picked up about half way through I couldn't put this book down. I thought that this book had a great storyline and I thought that it was unique to a lot of other YA books that I had read. I loved the idea of having control over the elements because I had read nothing like it before and it definitely put an interesting twist on the story for me. I also really enjoyed the duel POV because I loved being able to see things from both Becca and Chris's perspectives and seeing how they felt about the things that were happening throughout the book. Once the book started to pick up in the second half I thought that there was a lot of suspense and mystery and definitely a lot of things that I did not expect.

The characters. I thought that all of the characters were written really well. They all had their own personalities and were all unique from each other.
Becca. I really enjoyed Becca's character. I thought that she was very relatable and took everything that she was told throughout the book and everything that happened to her very well. I really felt bad for her in her struggle to figure out her feelings for both Hunter and Chris and also with her struggle to try and keep herself safe with knowing the information that she did.
Chris. I also really enjoyed his character. I loved being able to see inside his head for quite a lot of this book and also see a lot more of his family and the dynamic that there was within their family. I really felt for him in his situation and how he was struggling with his feelings for Becca but how he also wanted to keep her safe.

Overall I thought that this was a really enjoyable book and I thought that it was a great first book in the series and it would be one that I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of YA fantasy books.

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