Saturday, February 2, 2013

All I Want is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar...

Series: Gossip Girl (Book #3)
Published: May 7th 2003 by Little, Brown Young Readers
Pages: 224
Rating: 5 stars
Age Recommendation: 14+ (Due to course language)


S and B and J and N are back, along with A, D, V, and assorted other rich, catty Manhattan teenagers in this third installment of the Gossip Girl series. An omniscient and anonymous narrator keeps track of the scene in (now an actual site), where the rumors fly, backs are stabbed, and celebrity sightings are dutifully reported. Serena (S) and Blair (B) are best friends again, shoring each other up as Blair faces life without her ex, Nate, who has hooked up with a sweet, busty 14-year-old, and Serena fends off advances from drop-dead-gorgeous rock star, Flow. Life's rough. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Dan play the will-he/won't-he game of sex, and Aaron tries to thwart his own crush on new stepsister Blair.


I had so much fun reading this book! I think that this series is the type of series that you can't really have any high expectations for and if you go into it with that mindset it is a series you'll really enjoy and "All I Want is Everything" was no exception.

The plot. I really enjoyed the plot of this book and I think that this would have to be my favourite book in the series so far. I loved seeing all of the drama that surrounded the characters and just seeing everything that they got up to and how relationships were formed or crushed in the book. I also loved the pacing of the book and how it is told from multipul perspectives so im really starting to get to know each of the characters a little better with each new book I read.

The characters. I thought that they were all written very well and were all very relateable in their own ways. They all had they quirks and flaws and I find that it really adds to how realistic the charcter is.
Serena. I really enjoyed reading about Serena's character in this book. I love how she always makes the best out of the situation that she's in and never really cares what anybody else thinks.
Blair. I like how I got to see just how focused and driven she is in this book, though I don't always agree with her methods I think that it shows a lot about her character.
Nate.I really enjoyed Nate's charcter in this book. I enjoyed watching his and Jenny's relationship grow throughout the book and how I got to see more of his romantic side.
Jenny. I am really starting to enjoy Jenny's character even more with each book I read and I can understand why she has her own spin off series. I loved watching her evolove throughout this book and I thought that Nate really helped her come out of her shell and grow into a more confident person.

Overall this is a book that I really enjoyed and I thought that it was a great thrid novel in the series. I thought that it was a light fun read and I cannot wait to see what happens to all of the characters in the next book

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