Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer...

Series: Elemental (Book #3)
Published: May 28th 2013 by K Teen
Pages: 301
Date Finished: June 3rd, 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Age Recommendation: 15+ (Due to mature themes)


With power comes enemies. Lots of them.

Hunter Garrity just wants to be left alone. He’s learned the hard way that his unusual abilities come at a price. And he can’t seem to afford any allies.

He’s up to his neck in hostiles. His grandfather, spoiling for a fight. The Merrick brothers, who think he ratted them out. Calla, the scheming psycho who wants to use him as bait.

Then there’s Kate Sullivan, the new girl at school. She’s not hostile. She’s bold. Funny. Hot. But she’s got an agenda, too.

With supposedly secret powers rippling to the surface everywhere around him, Hunter knows something ugly is about to go down. But finding out what means he’ll have to find someone he can trust…


I had extremely high expectations going into this book after reading and loving the first two books in the series and I was really interested to see what Brigid Kemmerer had in store for Hunter's character, and I wasn't disappointed.

The plot. I really enjoyed the plot of this book even though it wasn't what I was expecting at all. I really felt for Hunter in everything that he went through in this book and I thought that it showed just how strong he was in the way that he dealt with it all. This book was an emotional roller-coaster from the first page and it was a book that I couldn't put down, it was full of suspense, mystery and just a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Something else I really enjoyed in this book was the duel narration and being able to see the story from both Hunter and Kate's perspective and being able to see what they were both dealing with at the time and also things to do with their pasts. I thought that it was a really fast paced, easy and enjoyable read.

The characters. I find myself becoming more attached to each of the characters with every book I read in this series, I loved seeing how all of the brothers developed a little bit more and seeing how they all are starting to work more as a team.
Hunter. I really enjoyed Hunter's character in this book and I thought that he would have to have had the hardest life out of all the boy's books I have read so far. I really felt for him in everything that he went through in this book but I thought that he handled it all extremely well. I loved seeing how he grew throughout the book with the help of the Merrick family and also through the help of Kate. I really enjoyed seeing how he finally started to open up and trust people as he started to discover more about himself and also his past.
Kate. I also really enjoyed her character in this book. I thought that she was very quick witted, strong and very entertaining to read about. I loved seeing how great of a match her and Hunter were for each other and how they had gone through a lot of the same things and were trying to work through a lot of the same issues and eventually bought out the best in each other. I really admired her character and the sacrifice that she made for Hunter and it showed how in that short time just how close she had become to him.

Overall I thought that this was a great third book in a fantastic series and this would have to be one of the best YA fantasy series I have read for a while. Each book just keeps getting stronger and the characters all become more interesting the more I read. This is a series that I would highly recommend and I will be pre-ordering the next book in the series as soon as possible.

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