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Requiem by Jamie McGuire...

Series: Providence (Book #2)
Published: June 11th 2011 by Jamie McGuire LLC
Pages: 257
Rating: 4 stars
Age Recommendation: -


Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning.

Still healing from her last run-in with Hell, Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown University student, but also as an intern at Titan Shipping, her father's company. Recurring nightmares about her father's violent death have become a nightly event, but being overwhelmed with guilt from Ryan's unexpected departure to the Armed Forces, and heart ache over Claire being across the ocean to protect him, Nina believes her sleepless nights are the least of her problems—but she's wrong.

Worried about Nina's declining health, Jared must steal back Shax's book for answers. Fighting new enemies, and with the help of new friends, Jared's worst fear comes to fruition. Desperate, he is faced with a choice: Fight Hell alone, or start a war with Heaven.


I had extremely high expectations going into this book after reading and loving "Providence". I thought that this book was a little slow to start and I will admit that "Providence" was a little bit better but for me this was still a four star book.

The plot. I really enjoyed the plot of this book. Though I didn't think that this book held as much of the mystery as "Providence", but I think that may be due to the fact that we had already found out the major secret of the series. I thought that the pacing of the book was great and I loved how I got to see some more of how Jared did his work and all of the twists, turns and unexpected things that happened within the book. I found this book to be a quick, fun and entertaining read and one that had me turning the pages up into the early hours.

The characters. I thought that just like "Providence" all the characters were written extremely well in this book and all their individual personalities shone through. Though I will admit there were a few characters I didn't like.
Nina. I still really enjoyed Nina's character in this book and I thought that she was still very relatable and took everything that was happening to her in the stride. I thought that what happened to her throughout most of the book was a very interesting twist and something that I was not expecting. Another thing I loved was just seeing how happy Jared made her in this book and seeing how their relationship progressed, though I thought that the ending was a little predictable I was still very happy for them.
Jared. I loved Jared in this book! He would have to be the only character within the book that I couldn't find a fault with. I loved seeing the lengths he would go to when it came to protecting Nina and how he genuinely felt like the luckiest guy alive to be with Nina and to have her in his life.
Ryan. He would have to be the one character that I did have a problem with. I can't pin-point one specific thing that I didn't like about his character in this book but whenever he would come up I would get the same annoyed feeling. I thought that in this book he seemed very needy and he was a complete contrast to the guy I had gotten to know in "Providence".

Overall I thought that this was a very quick, enjoyable read and I very good edition to the series. Though I will admit I did find "Providence" to be a little bit better this is still a book that I would recommend and I cannot wait to see what happens in the last instalment of the series.

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