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Eden by Jamie McGuire...

Series: Providence (Book #3)
Published: April 3rd 2012 by CreateSpace
Pages: 276
Rating: 4 stars
Age Recommendation: -


She had seen the unspeakable. She had learned the unknowable. Now, she would fight the invincible. In the third and final installment of the Providence series, Nina Grey will marry the wrong man, carry the child that was never supposed to be born, and fight a war she can't win. Faced with the impossible task of protecting his new wife and unborn child against the throes of Hell, Jared Ryel is allowed no mistakes. Pressured to return the Naissance de Demoniac to Jerusalem, he revisits St. Ann's to learn the answers were in front of him all along. Together, they must survive long enough to let their child save them - and the world.


I had pretty high expectations after finishing "Requiem" and really liking it, and this book didn't let me down. I thought that it tied up all the loose ends in the series very well and I thought that it was a very well done and very well thought out end to the series.

The plot. I will say right off the bat that this would have to be the book that I liked the least in the series, but that is not to say that it wasn't a great book because I really did enjoy the plot of this book. For the most part I thought that the storyline was very fast paced and entertaining, though, towards the end of the book I did think that it started to drag a bit with all of the fight scenes. But apart from that I thought that the book flowed very well and I thought that the ending came to a natural conclusion and I didn't feel that it was rushed which I have found in countless other series that I have read over the years. I liked seeing more of the strategical side of the work that Jared and his family does and also seeing how Nina started to take control and make some of the decisions and I thought that it was very interesting to see Jared not being fully in control at times because it was something that I was so used to seeing.

The characters. Like all of the other books that I have read from Jamie McGuire the characters were written very well and I loved seeing all of their different personalities and quirks shine through as I was reading them.
Nina. I enjoyed reading Nina's character in this book and how I got to see her take more control of the situation that she found herself in and start being on the offensive when it came to protecting her family rather than it being primarily Jared's job. I thought that Nina took everything tha happened to her in her stride and made the best out of a situation when she could. I really felt for her as she had to watch everything that was happening to the people around her that we're associated with her in one way or another and how she was powerless to do anything. But ultimately I found myself really liking Nina's character at the end of the book, and with reading this series in about three days it was great to be able to see the progression her character has made throughout the series and seeing what she was like at the start of the series and how she changed into the stronger, more determined person that she is now.
Jared. Like in all the other book I found that I couldn't fault Jared's character. He always had Nina's best interests a heart and even though he had to make her do some things that she didn't want to do it was always in the interest of keeping her safe. Something else I loved about his character was even though asunder under a lot of stress in this book he still always found time for Nina and did whatever she needed him to do for her.
Bex. He is a character that I haven't talked about yet , but I really found him entertaining while reading him in this book. I thought that he was so sweet and really looked up to and admired his brother and sister and strived to be like them. I also really loved his great one liners and I found that he was very entertaining to read about.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I thought that it was a great conclusion to the series. I thought that it tied up all the loose ends and left no question unanswered. As a whole I have really enjoyed this series and it is one that I would definitely recommend.

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