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Beach Blondes by Katherine Applegate...

Series: Summer (Books #1-3)
Published: May 6th 2008 by Simon Pulse
Pages: 736
Rating: 4 stars
Age Recommendation: -


Three months. Three guys. One amazing summer.

Summer Smith is in for the best summer of her life. Between the cold weather and her boyfriendless existence in Minnesota, Summer is ready for sun, sand, and boys in the Florida Keys. And by the end of the first day, she has more than enough to keep her busy: Adam, the senator's son, has looks, power, and all the money in the world. Diver, the mystery man, is mellow, intriguing, and definitely unique. And Seth, the perfect guy...only he has a girlfriend. But with new friends, cute guys, and miles of hot white sand, Summer's in for more trouble than she thinks...


I had no expectations when starting this book because I hadn't really heard anything about it, I just saw it on sale in my book shop and decided to give it a read. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The plot. I really did enjoy the plot. This book is definitely not your regular summer read, there is a lot of family mystery and drama as well as the typical boy and friend drama as well as rape, depression and suicide which I definitely was not expecting from this book but I did think that it add to the storyline. I loved how the story was told from multipul POV so I could see what all of the characters were thinking and feeling at different points in the book and also the pacing, I thought that the book flowed very well and was a very easy book to get through. But I do think that key points in the book were repeated throughout the book which I thought was un-needed and also that some storylines in the book and the way they turned out were pretty unrealistic.

The charcters. I wasn't really expecting much from the charcters in this book but I was really suprised I thought that they were all very well written and interesting to read about.
Summer, I really enjoyed reading about Summer's charcter. I thought that she was a very interesting and relateable character to read about. I thought that she took everything that happened to her throughout the book very well I liked seeing how she came more out of her shell in the book and even though she made some wrong choices in the book I think ultimately she has come out of her shell a lot more and has changed for the better.
Another charcter that I really enjoyed was Marquez. I thought that she had a very relateable and interesting personality and I loved reading the story from her POV. I loved her straight to the point attitude and I thought that she was a great friend for Summer to have.
The other characters that I really enjoyed were Seth and Diver. I thought that Seth was a great match for Summer and even though she made some bad choices toward the end of the book he was still there for her. Diver's charcter would have to be my favourite out of these two. he had such a unique personality and I just loved reading about him and he was always so down to earth and interesting so I cannot wait to see what happens to him in the next book.

Overall this was an enjoyable read, though not my favourite book I have read this summer. But I think this is a promising start to the series and I look foward to reading more of the books.

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