Friday, December 16, 2011

Vampire Academy The Ultimate Guide by Michelle Rowan with Richelle Mead

Series: Vampire Academy
Published: December 22nd 2011 by Razorbill
Pages: 305
Rating: 5 stars
Age Recommendation: -


The official guide to the #1 international bestselling Vampire Academy series

Sink your teeth into the must-have collector's item for every fan of Richelle Mead's totally addicting Vampire Academy series.

Discover the history of St. Vladimir's Academy, explore the dark psychology behind Rose and Lissa's spirit bond, and find out even more illicit secrets about Moroi society. This ultimate guide will feature everything readers want and need to go even deeper into the world of Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and Last Sacrifice . . . every heartache, every betrayal, every sacrifice, and so much more!


This is the first "guide" book that I have ever read for a book series, so I thought that it was only fitting that my first would be for my favourtie series, and I loved it!

The book re-caps. For a little bit over half of the book there are re-caps of all of the six books which I thought was great as they are all condesed down into about 30 pages each and I found that the re-cap for each of the books was quite in-depth and didn't brush over any of the important parts in the books. Another thing that I loved about these re-caps was that at the start of each new book there was a page of Richelle Mead talking about how she got her ideas for the book, how it was writing the book and the fans response which I really loved and what I was really hoping for when I read this book. when I first saw that there were going to be re-caps after buying this book I thought that I would skip it just because I am so farmiliar with the storyline of each of the book after reading them a couple a times a year for about the past three years, but I am really glad I didn't.

Character Bios. I thought it was great how in the book there war character bios, because this tells you really all you need to know about the character but it also goes into the main events that happened to the character throughout the course of the books so I thought that it was a great way to quickly find out all you need to know about the character.

Q&A with Richelle Mead. I didn't even know that this was going to be in the book and this is something that I really loved about the book because this is where we got to get more insight into what made he write the book the way she did and how she came up with the ideas for certain things in the book.

Overall I completley loved this book and it definitley has all you need to know about the Vampire Academy series in this one book which I love. This is definitley a must-have for all Vampire Academy fans.

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