Friday, February 11, 2011

Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead...

Series: Georgina Kindcaid (Book #5)
Published: March 30th 2010 by Bantam Books
Pages: 356
Rating: 5 stars
Age Recommendation: 16+ (Due to graphic scenes)
Georgina Kincaid has formidable powers. Immortality, seduction, shape-shifting into any human form she desires, walking in heels that would cripple mere mortals child's play to a succubus like her.

Helping to plan her ex-boyfriend s wedding is a different story. Georgina isn't sure which is worse that he's marrying another woman or that she's having to run around trying on bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are distractions. Thanks to her roommate, her apartment's crackling with sexual tension plus there's Simone, the new succubus in town who seems intent on corrupting Georgina's soon-to-be-wed ex.

But the real danger lies in the mysterious force that's taken to visiting Georgina's thoughts. It s trying to draw her into a dark, frightening, otherworldly realm and there's going to come a point when she won't be able to resist. And when that happens, she's going to discover who she can trust, who she can't and that there are far worse places than Hell in which to spend eternity.
For me this book was probably the weakest in the series, and I know that a lot of people will agree. Even though I found this book still entertaining I found the storyline of this book to be very dragging and depressing. I also really did not like the character of Simone and found that she continually annoyed me thoughout the book. But there were some positives about the book I found that by reliving some of Georgina's past you got to know more about her as a person and how she is like she is in the present day of the novels. You also get to find out the answer to the big question that is raised in Succubus Dreams and even though it was predictable it was still the outsome I was hoping for. Overall even though I thought this book was the weakest in the series I still found it entertaining and would still suggest you read it as you get to see more of Georgina's past, and although I know that some people would have been put off finishing the series because of this book, I still am really looking faward to reading the next and final installment of this series.

Succubus Revealed (Geogina Kincaid #6) due to release August 30th by Kensington (US Edition) according to Goodreads.

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